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Terrain A vendre Bogles, Carriacou

Bogles, Carriacou
$ 232,400 USD

Maison A vendre 3 Bedrooms 2.0 Bathrooms , St. Andrew

St. Andrew
$ 400,000 USD

Commerce A vendre 25 Bedrooms 25.0 Bathrooms Grand Anse, St. George’s

Grand Anse, St. George’s
$ 2,000,000 USD

Terrain A vendre , St. Patrick

St. Patrick
$ 26,500 USD

Terrain A vendre , St. John

St. John
$ 82,473 USD

Commerce A vendre 10 Bedrooms 10.0 Bathrooms , St. Patrick

St. Patrick
$ 3,500,000 USD

Terrain A vendre , St. George’s

St. George’s
$ 24,220 USD

Maison A vendre 2 Bedrooms 1.0 Bathrooms St. George's, St. George’s

St. George's, St. George’s
$ 112,400 USD

Commerce A vendre , St. George’s

St. George’s

Upon request

Maison A vendre 4 Bedrooms 2.0 Bathrooms , St. George’s

St. George’s
$ 450,000 USD


Grenada possesses a topography and ecology of stunning beauty, matched by no other location in the Caribbean. The island's pride in its natural resources is evident in the country's ongoing protection and conservation efforts. In the mountainous interior lies the enormous Rain Forest, and the island's protected coastal sights are beyond memorable.

Grenada has recently begun to protect some of its most amazing natural assets by creating national parks and protected areas. Ranging from Grand Etang Forest Reserve to La Sagesse estuary, these areas often visited by hikers and birdwatchers as well as visitors who just want to become better acquainted with the natural beauty of the island.

The most explored area in Granada is the rainforest around the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, high up in the mountains of the island's interior. The focal point of the forest reserve is Grand Etang Lake, which fills the crater of one of the island's extinct volcanos. The rainforest around the lake holds a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Tropical birds, tiny frogs and lizards, and rare orchids punctuate the rainforest vegetation, and the trails wind around the area's stunning waterfalls as well as the waters of Grand Etang Lake.

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